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Territory War

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  • Description
    • Territory War is a great stick figure game that offers a multitude of options to keep the game interesting and fun. Some will find the first few campaigns a bit too easy, but the gradual increase in difficulty ensures a challenge for even those who breeze through the first few levels. The later campaigns take careful planning and strategy if you want to have any hope of coming out on top.
  • Instructions
    • To control stick figure use left arrow key to move left, right arrow key to move right, space to jump. Use the left mouse button to select action or weapon. To use weapon, use up arrow button to increase the angle of your shot, use down arrow button to decrease the angle of your shot, use left and right arrow buttons to change the direction of your shot and press space to fire. To increase power of your throw for grenades or the power of your kick, hold space. Release space to throw or kick.

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